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Leaking Pipes

Problems faced due to Bursted Pipes
Bursted pipes are arguably the most painful headache that a household can get as far as water and leakage problems are related. Water pipes are like veins in a house that provides water at different outlets and separate junctions. There is a complicated network of pipes in a normal household, let alone the complex network of pipes which are installed in multi-storey apartments. If there is a leakage or burst pipe, it is difficult to handle the constant dripping or flowing water. Apart from the nuisance, other objects might get affected too.
The prime problem one faces when a water pipe bursts is that it is next to impossible to know where the burst, dent or leakage has occurred. Pipes are entwined inside the concrete structure of a house and if the walls are leaking then the pipe must definitely be burst up but how to get into a wall to fix the pipe? If a pipe which is visible bursts up then it is an easy task to handle. Some problems we face while handling bursted pipes are given below-

– Dripping-

If a pipe inside a concrete structure bursts, the water starts seeping out. The walls cannot resist much and eventually water pours out in bits and drops dampening the wall and other objects. Wall dampening further leads to weakening of walls and might lead to the wall falling off.

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– Overflowing-

If a visible pipe bursts up and if the crack is big then gallons of water pours out making most of the floor, carpet, furniture etc. This degrades the comfort level at home and no wonder why it is even hard to assume a wet house where the carpets are submerged in leaking water.

– Supply issues-

Once the pipe breaks off, the supply to other outlets stops which gives air to impose itself on wet iron or steel and rust the pipes. This in a long run contaminates water and affects human health.

– The unhygienic atmosphere created to the sapping water invites insects, mosquitoes, rodents and other harmful creatures.

The issue of bursted pipe is a serious one and the onus should always be on addressing it as soon as possible with expert assistance. Eventually, preventing the problem is of prime importance because in many cases even before the plumber or water damage expert arrives- the damage is already inflicted. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ in this scenario and prioritizing the concern to do so is essential.

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