Top 10 Nightclubs In Atlanta

Top 10 Nightclubs inATL

If nightclubbing is your scene, then your every wish will be catered for right here in Atlanta! Red carpet atmosphere, occasional celebrity viewing, signature drinks and more importantly world class DJs! You can dance the night away or just relax and listen to some jazz, the choice is yours. Whatever your taste, you will find what you like here in this great city!

1. Havana Club

This is a fun spot, and the drinks are also good. If you get there, you should try the Cayrum, its dark rum with ginger and honey, and is delicious! The music here is great, they have three different rooms, all with wonderful dcor.

You can check out more at:


2. Opera Atlanta

They say this is one of the most beautiful nightclubs in the country, which attracts many club-goers. The atmosphere is fantastic, and so is the dcor, high ceilings with chandeliers just make the whole place wonderful. It opens Wednesday through Saturday, and they have something different every week.

To see more of it look here


3. Tongue and Groove

Be aware that there is a dress code for men no t-shirts, hats or sneakers. Ladies can dress up as much as they like. Wednesday night is for Salsa dancers so if you are into that, then check it out at


4. CosmoLava

Plenty of room to dance here! It is three floors, and the top floor is devoted to 40s music, so if thats what you like, then you wont be disappointed. You can see more of it at


5. Koo Koo Room

This place has a great atmosphere; its tucked away, and you may even miss it. But once youre inside its really cosy. You can even have private functions there; the staff are super friendly, and it is filled with little alcoves where you can relax if you like. See more about their events here at


6. Suite Food Lounge

Great for the live entertainment while you eat and the food is marvellous as well! Easy to make a full night of it, its a really nice place. There is a dress code so check that out before you go at


7. Gold Room

The bartenders make this place really special, seems everyone has their own favorite bartender, but really they are all good. The place gets busy later on. There is a cover charge, but not too expensive. See more of it at


8. Johnnys Hideaway

The crowd starts out as old and ends up as young! The music goes with this trend, so depending on your age, you can fit in just where you are happy. A sort of music through the decades club with something for all. The later you stay the younger the clientele! Check them out here at


9. The Basement

This is the probably the most fun place you will find to have a cocktail! Costumes are encouraged, but you dont have to dress up if you dont want to. Face painting is available for free. This is just a great big indie/pop dance party! This is where you get to dance your cares away, singing, clapping and leaving totally exhausted! You can read all about this fun place here at


10. Jungle Atlanta

Since they have revamped the place there, seem to be a better clientele there. Always a fun night out, whichever night you go. Great for getting on the dance floor till the early hours! Find out more here

Atlantas nightclub scene has something for everyone. Visit each of these ten spots and youre sure to find a favorite.

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