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Find Out Where the Moisture is Coming From

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If you have mold in your home, your first task should be to determine where the water is coming from. Mold needs water to survive, so anywhere there is standing water, a leak, water stains or some source of water that is not supposed to be there, mold is likely to form.

Your insulation may be the problem here. But by upgrading your insulation to something that is waterproof on the outside, you can prevent water from coming in and creating a mold habitat.

Fixing Your Mold Problem

To get rid of mold can be an arduous task and a complex one. Should you try to remove it yourself? If there is only a little bit you may be able to remove it all alone with some bleach and scrubbing. But for large mold invasions, you should definitely call in a mold contractor.

It takes a biocide to really kill all of the mold spores effectively. Without something specially designed to get rid of the mold, it will just become dormant and come back later. If you are not sure if you have mold in your home, but you suspect it is there, then you need to call a specialist to assess the situation

A licensed mold removal expert will be able to locate the mold for you and determine what steps need to be taken to get rid of it. If it has infested your insulation, you may need to replace it with new insulation.

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