You can have all your mold problems taken care of with the expert help of our trained professionals. Here we will take a few moments to answer some of the most common questions we receive about our work.  For more information about mold testing and inspection, call us today!

Can you tell me what mold is?

Though nearly every house has mold, most people don’t truly know what it is. Mold is a fungus that needs water and a source of nutrients to grow. Mold sends out microscopic spores to look for new places to grow. You may have thousands of them floating through your house and not even realize it.

The water that mold requires to grow can come from leaks, rainwater and dripping air conditioning units. Condensation can just as easily grow mold deposits as floodwaters can. The areas of your house that are prime locations for mold to grow in include your attic, basement kitchen and laundry room. These areas are the most prone to having standing water. But you can certainly find mold in other areas of the house as well.

Mold requires food as well, which it gets in the form of any organic materials. This means clothing, newspaper, wood, drywall, insulation, paint, carpets and more. Mold can affect allergies and can cause symptoms even in people who do not have allergies. These symptoms include dry or irritated skin, coughing, fever, congestion and more.

How do I know when mold is in my home?

Mold is most easily detectable by its musty odor. You can also see its black or white colored specks growing along your walls and floors. It most often grows in areas where moisture is present. You may not be able to see some mold since it can grow behind walls, but you can often smell it there or see dark spots where it is eating through materials. Even unseen mold can create a number of health issues for you.

Mold can continue to cause problems for you once it is dead or dormant. The spores can still float around your house, looking for some place to grow. Keep in mind that any portion of your house with water damage is a likely candidate for mold growth.

How do you clean mold?

We use proven techniques administered by personnel with specialized training to ensure that all mold is properly remediated. We take careful steps to ensure the job is done properly.